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Son builds aging father an accessible, storm-resistant modern home

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The cabin is a prime example of the next generation of senior housing

Florida compact house for aging man Photos by Ryan Gamma via New Atlas

The “silver tsunami” is poised to revolutionize American housing. Over the next two decades, the number of Americans over the age of 80 will double from 6 million to 12 million. And they want it all. Embracing this new era of senior housing is contractor Josh Wynne, who designed and built a modern, accessible home for his aging father--right next door to his own home in Nokomis, Florida.

The one-bedroom abode measures 604 square feet and boasts handicap-friendly features so his dad can age in place. The kitchen was laid out to accommodate a wheelchair, with no overhead cabinets and drawers that fully extend. All of the doorways are wide enough for wheelchair or walker access, and the home’s simple open layout makes it easy to get around and clean.

The building’s materials are mostly recycled leftovers from other construction projects, including the Southern Yellow Pine used for the home’s framing and paneling. It was also constructed to both minimize the environmental impact to the site and withstand extreme weather. During Hurricane Irma, the home resisted up to 110 mph winds and a fallen palm tree but remained undamaged.

Via: Inhabitat, New Atlas