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Tiny modern cabin makes up a dream Hawaiian getaway

Is this real life?

A tiny wood-and-polycarbonate structure and a pavilion with outdoor kitchen occupy a rugged spot outdoors.
Oregon-based architect Erin Moore designed this Maui home.
Photos by Oliver Koning via Dezeen

Is this it? Is this the ideal tiny cabin living scenario? Occupying a 300-year-old lava formation in the mountains of Maui is Outside House, a home formed by two pavilions designed by Oregon-based architect Erin Moore.

The first is a wood- and polycarbonate-clad asymmetrical structure set atop four concrete blocks that makes up the private quarters of the property. With room for a bed, writing desk, and a built-in bench-cum-reading nook, the cabin, featuring sliding glass doors, a window, and a glazed front door, is bright and cozy without feeling constrained.

A few yards to the north is an open pavilion formed by a deck and angled covering made from wood and galvanized steel that holds a small outdoor kitchen and a bathroom. The terrace allows for unencumbered enjoyment of the natural surroundings as well views of the Pacific Ocean and the island of Kahoolawe to the east.

In an effort to leave as small a footprint as possible, the clients wished for the site to be left unchanged, with the structures easily “demountable.” Have a look.

Via: Dezeen