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Funky pyramid cabin is topped with a glass observatory

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Combining prefab pine with iconic geometry

pyramid-shaped cabin Photos by Timo Laaksonen/VOID

From I.M. Pei’s glassy entrance to the Louvre Museum to any number of odd abodes, pyramid-shaped buildings are an offbeat architectural form that feels at once historical and futuristic. Consider Helsinki-based firm VOID Architecture’s latest project: a pyramidal cabin in the Finnish forest, lined with prefabricated spruce paneling both inside and out.

The 1,345-square-foot home on the shore of Lake Päijänne features ground-source heating, natural insulation made of wood fibers, and an automated electrical system designed for energy efficiency. Its layout is spread over two floors with breathtaking views of the lake from the 30-foot-long glass wall of the double-height living room as well as a 360-degree observatory in pyramid’s glazed apex.

The observatory also acts as a skylight bringing natural light into the rest of the home, which has two bedrooms, a modern kitchen, breakfast deck, dining terrace, and sauna.

“The early choice of developing the design around the pure shape of a regular pyramid gave us the opportunity to explore the connection between a clearly man-made object and the inspirational beauty of the site,” said Paolo Caravello, architect and lead designer. “It was a process of balancing divergences and affinities.”

Via: Inhabitat