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This Shazam for fonts can confirm your worst Papyrus suspicions

Have a Helvetica good time with the typeface-recognition app we’ve all been waiting for

font-recognition app @WhatTheFont/Instagram

WhatTheFont is pure genius. Just open the app on your phone and aim the camera at a chunk of text. Snap a photo. In an instant, it recognizes the typeface just like Shazam recognizes music, and serves you a list of likely fonts.

Sure, the feature has actually been around for a number of years, but the app—which can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS—just had a major overhaul that makes it more fun to use than ever.

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Created by the type-obsessed folks over at Monotype, the app now uses uses machine learning to drive its typography recognition engine. The more people who use the service, the more data points it will have and the more accurate it will become over time.

Its algorithm currently relies on roughly 33 million categorized images and can recognize over 100,000 typefaces contained within the company’s MyFonts library with 90 percent accuracy. Have fun decoding the font mysteries around you, whether found on a poster, sign, obscure design books, or anything else!

Via: Hyperallergic, Co.Design