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Rotating tiny ‘Escape Pod’ lets you get away from it all


cedar-shingled “escape pod” Photos by Tim Brotherton via ArchDaily

Spherical hideouts are having a moment. There’s the backyard Archipod, that floating treehouse orb, and even a KFC-branded tiny dome shelter. But if you’re looking for a more refined getaway from the mayhem of modern life, there’s a company you can hire to build a custom rotating retreat. Podmakers is based in the countryside of Gloucestershire, England. And as their name suggests, they build pods—”Escape pods” to be exact.

The 75-square-foot shingled spheres can be outfitted as an office, guest house, garden room, or meditation space. The design is executed with prefabricated, CNC-milled structural supports of birch plywood. The exterior is covered in cedar shingles, while the steps and window frames are made out of European Oak. The entrance is via a unique aircraft-style plug door with a wooden hinge.

While it seems very similar to the Archipod in look and feel, Podmakers’ rendition sits atop a foot-and-a-half-high stand—which allows it to spin around to face any direction. Each pod can also be structured to meet varying needs and wants of its owners—from distinct window designs to window placement and built-in furniture.

The base Escape Pod model starts at £19,800 (around $26,000).

Via: ArchDaily