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Tiny prefab ‘A-frame’ home sets up in 6 hours

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M.A.DI. house is delivered flatpack and unfolds

Rendering of an A-frame home with glass front walls set by a highway.
A version of the M.A.DI. house.
Photo via Designboom

Another unfolding prefab structure has popped up on the tiny-mobile-home scene, and this one even comes flatpack. What’s more, it boasts an on-trend A-frame construction, is earthquake-resistant, and requires no foundational soil when used as a temporary structure.

Designed by Italian architect Renato Vidal, the versatile M.A.DI. house can be used for residential, hospitality, and disaster-relief purposes and is highly customizable. It comes in three main sizes, with the basic model measuring approximately 27 square meters (290 square feet), with double and triple modules clocking in at 56 and 84 square meters (603 and 904 square feet), respectively. Each house offers two floors of living space and includes a kitchen and bathroom.

As for how it all comes together, M.A.DI. arrives flatpack from the factory and requires a crane to pull up the pitched roof to form the A-frame. Internal walls, windows, and flooring are added, with the entire process taking just six to seven hours to complete. It even arrives with the electrical system, plumbing, and HVAC system ready to go.

And when it’s time to move out, the structure can be disassembled and refolded and stored until the next time. Pricing begins at 28,000 euros, or approximately $33,000. If the popularity of the folding mobile structure by Ten Fold Engineering is any indication, M.A.DI. is sure to be a hit. Watch it unfold, below.

Via: Designboom