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U.K.’s best new house is an inventive take on multigenerational homes

It’s also eco-friendly

Multi-generational housing in England Photo by Heiko Prigge via Dezeen

The best new house in the U.K. has been crowned and it’s an unconventional take on a rising trend: multigenerational housing.

Designed by the British architects James Macdonald Wright and Niall Maxwell, Caring House reinterprets the English country house to generously and inventively fit three generations of one family. The residence, which sits on a 84-acre plot of land planted with 25,000 native trees, has just been named “House of the Year” by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

James Morris

The jury praised the home for injecting “new architectural methods, materials and crafts” into the concept of multigenerational living. Indeed, from its whimsical angular roofline (inspired by the local tradition of hop-drying oast houses) to its airy all-white interior to bright terracotta tiles both on the roof and by the pool, Caring House is not what you’d typically envision when thinking about living with grandma.

James Morris
James Morris

The home has a big sustainability component as well. Aside from all the trees, which are supposed to absorb over 27,000 tons of carbon over the next 40 years, the property also includes solar panels for electricity, a ground-source heat pump, and a rainwater harvesting system. The courtyard at the center of the house helps with passive cooling.

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James Morris

Via: Dezeen