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$1.5M monster RV is a go-anywhere cabin on wheels

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The inside is all luxury

A $1.5 million expedition vehicle from EarthRoamer.
All photos courtesy of EarthRoamer

The camper world is no stranger to luxury, whether you want a bespoke Class B vans or a gigantic RV that can hide a sports car in a mobile garage. But if you want an expedition-grade vehicle that can go anywhere, for any amount of time, look no further than Colorado-based EarthRoamer.

EarthRoamer got its start in 1998—with the first prototype built in 2003—by building four-wheel drive campers and trucks that don’t skimp on interior style. This combo gets you some of the most expensive expedition vehicles on the market, like the $438,000 starting price of a brand new EarthRoamer XV-LTS.

Now, EarthRoamer has upped the ante with the new $1.5 million XV-HD model. Using a Ford F-750 as its base, the XV-HD boasts a subtle map graphic on a fiberglass shell complete with burly suspension, hydraulic leveling, and exterior LED lighting.

Inside, the overland camper sleeps six people total in a king-size bedroom and a dining area that converts to more sleeping quarters. The kitchen is bigger than some studio apartments, with a three-burner induction cooktop, Bosch microwave/convection oven, fridge, a washer/dryer and a large counter with a downright spacious stainless steel sink.

In-floor radiant heating and warm wood finishes keep the space cozy, while the full-size shower—with a 250 gallon capacity—ensures that you have plenty of space to get clean.

The whole thing is powered by 2,100 watts of solar capability and a 20,000-watt lithium-ion battery to keep everything charged. Two TVs, air conditioning, an exterior slide-out kitchen, exterior shower, and an auto-retract awning round out the amenities.

The $1.5 million price tag means that the XV-HD EarthRoamer is out of reach to all but the wealthiest customers. But if you can afford it, EarthRoamer will customize each vehicle’s floor plan and materials, and production reservations are available now.