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Vipp offers its sleek prefabs as vacation rentals now

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Meet Vipp Hotel

A Vipp prefab cabin on a forested site in Sweden.
Photos courtesy Vipp via Dezeen

Planning a fall getaway? Prefab company Vipp is betting you are—and is hoping that the wanderlust-filled will drop their cash on a night or two at a prefab hotel.

Danish company Vipp recently announced Vipp Hotel, which, for now, includes a single-unit “micro” prefab home in a Swedish forest (clocking in at about 590 square feet), and a very non-micro loft in Copenhagen (which measures about 4,300 square feet), designed by Danish firm Studio David Thulstrup.

Living the prefab dream ain’t cheap: Vipp Shelter, in the forest, rents for about $1,160/night (€1,000/night). Vipp Loft, in Copenhagen, will run you a bit more, at about $1,740/night (€1,500/night).

It marks a (slight) departure for Vipp, whose core business had until now revolved around selling prefab dwellings to enterprising homeowners.

Inside Vipp Shelter.
A peek inside Vipp Loft, in Copenhagen.

Via: Dezeen