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Rent this emission-free electric VW bus for $67 per night

The ultimate green vacation

A 1973 Volkswagon camper that’s been converted by eDub Trips into a fully electric vehicle.
All photos courtesy of eDub Trips

On the heels of the announcement that German carmaker Volkswagen will begin production of an electric version of its iconic Microbus in 2022, the camper and RV industry is on the verge of a revolution. Like cars and buses, more and more campers are going green, whether through eco-technology and building materials or with fully electric campers.

One company in North Yorkshire, England, is hoping to electrify the RV industry. Helmed by mother and son team Gilly and Kit Lacey, eDub Trips converts classic VW camper vans into emission-free electric campers. Instead of an engine, the vans now have motors. Batteries replace gas tanks and instead of a choke, eDub Trips uses an ‘eco’ switch.

The company’s prototype is a bright green classic Volkswagon 1973 model, with two full-length double beds, a flip-n-sit front seat, and the ability to accelerate to 30 mph in 8 seconds. The camper also includes a fridge, sink with running water, and two gas burners for cooking. The first model converted by eDub Trips cost the Lacey family approximately £50,000 to create, but the company has now worked with suppliers to bring the cost of conversion kits down to £23,000.

To help fund their enterprise, the Lacey’s rent out their electric camper van on Airbnb for about $67 per night. The camper can sleep four people and provides access to the castles and National Parks of the Yorkshire Countryside. While the range is limited at about 60 miles, most people travel from campsite to campsite and charge the vehicle at night. eDub Trips is also working on future vans that will have a longer range.

While eDub Trips only operates one electric camper at the moment, the company hopes to expand by selling conversion kits for other van lovers as well as increasing the number of vans it rents to vacationers. To rent the Indie electric camper van, head over here.

The interior of the converted camper.
All photos courtesy of eDub Trips
The sleeping quarters of the camper at night.
All photos courtesy of eDub Trips