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Someone designed an automatic flushing toilet for pets

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The Catolet is an ultra fancy litter box without the litter

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flushing toilet for pets Catolet

We all know that fancy pet tech is more for the people than the pets. That principle certainly holds true with the Catolet—an automatic litter box that’s directly connected to a home’s water supply and sewage line, eliminating the need for poop-scooping. That’s right. It’s a literal flushing toilet. For pets.

Made of sanitary acrylic, the Catolet automatically senses when your pet has finished with its business, and activates a self-cleaning conveyor belt system that flushes away the waste. The timing of the cleaning system can also be adjusted using a connected smartphone.

If your pet is the shy type, the Catolet comes with an optional shelter making it resemble a typical covered litter box. The device comes in four colors including pink, yellow, and blue.

The Catolet is currently being crowdfunded over on Kickstarter with an early bird price of $159.

Via: Designboom