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Sleek tiny house raises the roof for airy style

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Windows all around

wedge-shaped tiny house on wheels All photos via Wheelhaus

It takes a lot for a tiny house to stand out these days, but the new Roadhaus model from turn-key cabin builder Wheelhaus does just that with tons of glazing and a minimalist-meets-industrial style.

Sporting wraparound clerestory windows and a sloped ceiling, the Roadhaus is a smaller, nimbler version of the company’s 400-square-foot Wedge model. The Roadhaus is available in sizes of between 160 to 240 square feet and was designed for tiny living or use as a guesthouse or backyard office.

A large glass door opens up to a high-ceilinged living area, with a sofa across from a mounted TV, kitchenette with a pegboard and ample storage, and a slightly concealed double-bed sleeping area at the opposite end of the house. A chrome-tiled bathroom and recessed lights add the striking finish touches.

The Roadhaus starts at $76,000.

Via: New Atlas