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These prefab cabins make a cool perch in the wild

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experimental hideouts All photos via Designboom

From the modular to the owl-shaped to the all-glass, ideas are overflowing for covetable cabins dotting the outdoors. Now, a handful of more experimental options has been added to the mix, courtesy of the firm New British Design.

Produced and assembled offsite, the quartet of kudhvas—that’s cornish for “hideouts”—has been installed on the site of a defunct slate quarry in Cornwall, England. Each of the slanted, vaguely pyramidal structures is propped up on pine poles, offering an elevated view of the landscape.

Built by boat builder turned furniture maker Toby Sharp, the shelters feature an exterior of larch slatted cladding and are built with paged-pine panels with a rubber covering. Inside, it’s all pretty simple. There’s a seating area with a view through triangular windows, and an elevated sleeping deck up a step ladder. The whole structure, of course, needs a railed ladder to access as well.

Via: Designboom