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1967 VW van gets a 'Back To The Future' makeover

Great Scott!

The gull-wing doors of a restored 1967 VW van.
All photos courtesy of Velocity Motorcars

If you want to try out #vanlife and are a sucker for film nostalgia, check out this 1967 Volkswagen Kombi that’s been restored to honor the classic DeLorean from the Back To The Future movies.

Rejuvenated by Nashville-based Velocity Motorcars, the van features the DeLorean’s silver paint job with black accents, and the car’s iconic gull-wing doors. It’s a blend of 1980s pop-culture with the classic vanagon styling Volkswagen is known for.

The Back To The Future references don’t stop with the exterior. The cheery blend of white, orange, and yellow coloring contrasts with a dashboard that’s all about your ‘Destination Time,’ ‘Present Time,’ and ‘Last Time Departed.’ That’s the time-machine controller from the movie that allows you to pick where—make that when—you’d like to travel.

Velocity Motorcars also installed a flux capacitor replica behind the front seats and a huge TV so you can watch movies in real time. A custom-built bench seat folds into a bed and helpful storage means that this van is both a top-notch movie replica and a functional vehicle.

It’s available for purchase from Velocity Motorcars for $89,995.