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Tiffany’s silver ruler set will cost you $1,275

The ruler, protractor, and triangle ruler are part of Tiffany’s new “Everyday Objects” collection

A protractor made of silver and an edge of wood on the straight side.
Made with sterling silver and American walnut.
Photos via Tiffany & Co.

Turns out, there’s something for everyone in Tiffany’s new line of luxury home and accessories, including for the architect that has everything.

Dubbed “Everyday Objects,” the collection includes a much-derided $1,000 tin can cast in sterling silver, as well as other “standard” household items like straws—available in silver ($250) and vermeil ($350)—bone china “paper” cups ($95 for a set of two), and a sterling silver pillbox shaped like a Chinese takeout box ($350).

Sure, the above items are cute, cheeky, and more than a little frivolous, but you could ostensibly use them for both their original purpose and as an objet to be displayed. But what do you do with a triangle ruler, straight ruler, and a protractor? Put them to use, of course, to draw out your dream house or map out your utopia. What, you were going to simply lay them on a desk?

Each piece is made from sterling silver and American walnut, with a tiny enamel accent in Tiffany’s trademark robin’s egg blue. But do these luxe materials make their price tags—$400 for the triangle ruler, $450 for the straight ruler, and $425 for the protractor—worth it?

Rounding out the drafter’s makeshift tool kit are a $275 pencil sharpener, and a $1,500 set of 10 Lego-like building blocks.

(h/t ArchDaily)