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Scenic tiny house village opens in the Midwest

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With units for rent and purchase

tiny house in woodland
An Escape Traveler XL tiny home.
Photos by Steve Niedorf courtesy Escape Village

When it comes to “tiny house hotels,” there are already a number of options around the country—from Getaway cabins in the Northeast to a handful of tiny home villages in Portland, Oregon, to even a couple of Airstream resorts in California. Now, a tiny home development is opening up in the Midwest, too, covering over 100 acres of rolling forests as well as private lakes and wetlands.

The Canoe Bay Escape Village, as the name suggests, comes from major tiny house builder Escape, which is based in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The newly unveiled tiny home village, also located in Northwest Wisconsin and adjacent to the popular Midwest nature getaway Canoe Bay, is just the first of such developments the company has in the works.

The Canoe Bay setting.

What is it exactly? Well, in addition to offering scenic tiny homes for short-term stays—ranging from the true tiny-house-on-wheels Traveler XL to larger Park Model one- or two-bedroom modern cabins—Escape Village is also introducing a rental program through which folks can purchase a tiny house on site and collect income from nightly stays. The homes will all have utilities in place, and sit on sites specifically selected for each type of home, many of which have lake or wetland views.

Exterior of a Park Model home.
The sunroom of a Park Model home.

As prior coverage of Escape tiny homes has shown, the company’s builds are streamlined by design yet mindful of modern conveniences. There are often full-size appliances and baths, hideaway TVs and tables, and ample windows.

The first sites available already have turn-key units for renting or purchase. A Canoe Bay Traveler XL tiny house starts at around $90,000, and the Park Model homes start at around $133,000. There is also an additional $350 to $600 a month site cost covering maintenance in and around each unit. For short-term stays, rates are about $200 to $300 a night.

Interior of a Traveler XL.
Interior of a Park Model home.
Interior of a Park Model home.
Interior of a Park Model home.