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Belgian apartment complex built around a lamppost

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Residents of the town of Keerbergen, Belgium, were puzzled last week by the unusual sight of a lamppost being built into the brick wall of a new apartment building.

A member of the Keerbergen city council told a local news publication: “The architect failed to take account of the lamppost despite the fact that it is clearly marked. The latest information I have suggests that the electricity grid operator plans to move the post. It would have been better if the architect had requested this from the start.”

But the unnamed architect tells a different— more exasperated—story. “Of course I saw that there was a lighting pole on the lot, I am not blind,” he told VRT TV network. The architect says that he petitioned the city to move the lamppost two years ago.

Frustrated by nothing being done month after month, he finally came up with a “creative solution” and told the builder to just brick-in the lamppost.

The commotion around the lamppost has finally prompted the energy company, Eandis, to act. They plan to move the lamppost across the street this week. The cheeky architect says that the building’s facade will be repaired and completed once the lamppost is removed: “It's only annoying for our contractor who has to redo his work.”

Oh glorious spite architecture!

Via: Global Construction Review, BBC, VRT TV