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Victorian house gets a touch of whimsy with triangular extension

Skylit and lovely

Interior shot of small room with birch plywood-paneled walls on one side, a brick wall on the other, and a skylit with large glass door leading out to a patio deck.
An unconventional twist on an extension, borne out of necessity.
Photos by Alex Forsey Photography via Dezeen

Not all rear extensions have to be boring. Case in point, this triangular number by London-based Yellow Cloud Studio. Designed for a double Victorian house in the London borough of Hackney, the addition becomes a dedicated office and meeting space for the clients, who are working on launching a company from their home.

The 25-square-meter (approximately 269 square feet) space may boast an unconventional shape, but the configuration was borne out of necessity: The residence is located at the end of a row of terrace houses, and its backyard is cut off at a sharp angle, forming a triangular garden. This area was originally higher than the rest of the backyard, so the architects leveled the site before inserting the extension.

The result is an elongated wedge formed by a yellow brick wall along one edge, birch plywood-paneled walls, and two skylit sections—plus a large glazed door—that give the effect of outdoor living. Dark decking makes up floors below these areas, extending out toward the patio to further the indoor-outdoor connection.

In other parts of the home, the studio designed an ensuite bathroom on the top floor, and transformed the basement into a living area by adding a bathroom, bedroom, utility room, and home theater. Have a look.

Via: Dezeen