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Stunning concrete concert hall echoes rocky coastline

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seaside concrete concert hall All photos by Jaime Navarro via Dezeen unless otherwise noted

Rojkind Arquitectos, one of the top Mexican architecture firms you should know, is known for working in unconventional contemporary forms. Its new monolithic seaside concert hall for the city of Boca del Río, Mexico, is another striking example.

Home to the city’s philharmonic orchestra, the Foro Boca is a massive multi-volume structure sitting at the convergence of the Jamapa River and the Gulf of Mexico. The area’s rocky coast proved to be inspirational fodder for the architects, who designed the building to be shaped like a jumble of rugged stones.

Photo by Iker Gill via Dezeen

Many of the exterior walls are set at odd angles. The boards that formed the concrete were also placed on the diagonal, giving a sense of texture and slanted movement to the concert venue. A large concrete esplanade occupies the space between the building and the sea. It, too, has jagged edges and oddly stepped platforms.

“The Foro Boca's location is intended to articulate the dynamics of the central part of the city with the coastal avenue, and has the goal of functioning as an urban detonator capable of inciting modernity in the area,” said the firm.

“The forum itself is a tool that has permitted the reconstruction and renovation of the infrastructure and urban image of this part of the city.”

Via: Dezeen