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Brutalist beauty can be yours for $1.2M

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Villa C is located in Beersel, Belgium

Blocky modern home with large concrete facade and reflecting pool in front of it surrounded by trees.
Don’t let that concrete facade fool you.
Photos via Architecten Woning

This blocky building in Beersel, Belgium, is for sale and would make quite the vacation home—not to mention a conversation starter. Designed by architect Peter Tachelet, the Brutalist abode was inspired by the work of Tadao Ando and features simple lines and a minimalist aesthetic that combine to create a home that is far from ordinary.

Fronted by a massive concrete slab-turned-facade, the residence’s rear and sides and completely glazed, providing privacy from the street and unobstructed views of the garden and surrounding woods from the back.

Called Villa C, the 400-square-meter (about 4,300 square feet) modern house includes five bedrooms, three baths, two terraces, and multiple living rooms over three floors. A large kitchen opens to an outdoor terrace by way of sliding glass doors on the main level, and another one is found on the top floor right off a lounge and is supported by stilts.

In addition to the home’s main program is a single-story platform that marks the entrance. Buried into the ground, its roof forms a reflecting pool, and a gangplank-like walkway leads to the front door. If any of this intrigues, the unique home is offered at €995,000, or approximately $1.17 million. Have a look.

Via: Architecten Woning (h/t) The Spaces