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Mirrored house makes a dreamy holiday retreat

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Photos by Rory Gardiner via Dezeen

Tatiana Bilbao, the Mexico City-based architect known for designing modern stunner, has created a stunning single-story vacation home made of mirrored glass, rammed earth, and bricks.

Located on a lush tree-filled site in Monterrey, Los Terrenos (The Terrains) is a small two-building complex arranged in a square around a curved pool and terrace lined with terra cotta pavers.

The larger, mirror-clad structure contains the shared spaces including the living room, kitchen, and dining area. The building’s orthogonal metal frame is covered entirely in mirrored glass, allowing visitors to look out at the landscape beyond.

An interior canopy made of plywood provides a sense of privacy and shields the room from excess sunlight. Ceramic screens on either side of the space offer visual texture. Two large mirrored doors can swing fully open to connect the room with the terrace beyond.

The second volume, made of rammed earth and brick, contains the home’s private spaces. The structure was organized in an L shape, with the two bedrooms oriented away from one another. Both rooms feature a set of large built-in wooden platforms and stairs that support the beds and provide much-needed storage. One side of each room is a glass wall that can be fully opened to the outdoors.

Via: Dezeen