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Efficient tiny apartment lives large with clever built-ins

The strategic use of mirrors also opens up the space

All photos by Maíra Acayaba via ArchDaily

Designed by São Paulo-based architects Estúdio BRA, this 410-square-foot apartment on the 17th floor of a modern high-rise got an efficiency-minded renovation with a dash of style.

The apartment was strategically arranged to group view-blocking elements along the walls. The kitchen comprised a “blue block” on one side of the space, with full-sized appliances, an ample worktop, and a washer-dryer hidden within the cabinets.

The living room is separated from the kitchen by a low wall and contains a long gray couch overlooking a computer monitor. A desk and bench are built into the mirror-clad back wall. The dining area beside the fully openable wall of windows takes full advantage of the view.

Perhaps the cleverest part of the apartment is the grey retractable wall that can be deployed behind the built-in cabinets holding the computer monitor to separate the living room from the bedroom. Beyond the screen is the “green block” containing the bathroom as well as the simple sleeping area.

The floors are grey porcelain tile throughout. The home’s matching built-in cabinetry offers a consistent aesthetic that ties the space together.

Via: ArchDaily