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Solar-powered modern farmhouse produces more energy than it needs


Solar-powered modern farmhouse All photos by Lissa Gotwals Photography via Dezeen

Two of our favorite things—solar-powered homes and modern farmhouses—come together in this sustainable home for a North Carolina couple looking to retire on the family farm.

Designed by local firm Buildsense, the two-story home is sited for maximum southern exposure, with a pitched roof covered in corrugated steel for heating by the winter sun and an overhang for shade in the summer. The interior structure and cladding comprise reclaimed brick and barn siding, adding a warm, rustic touch to clean lines and white walls.

The residence contains enough solar panels to produce a surplus of energy, while two large cisterns collect rainwater for flushing toilets.

Inside, a partially sunken lower level holds spacious areas for entertaining and a guest bedroom. The lofty main level contains an open-plan living room on one end, complete with a screened porch for some indoor-outdoor action, and a master suite with a deck of its own on the other end.

Via: Dezeen