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Tiny cork-covered studio makes a perfect backyard escape

So airy!

cork-covered backyard studio All photos by Wai Ming Ng via Surman Weston

Having an ideal space to work can make all the difference for creatives, and design studio Surman Weston knows it. The U.K.-based firm has made a habit of creating cool backyard studios, including this one. Cork Study is a 140-square-foot structure built as a shared workspace for a musician and a seamstress in north London.

The one-room building was artfully placed in the rear of the back garden. Its exterior is covered in cork panels, a material that not only provides weatherproofing and a sweet aesthetic, but also serves as acoustic soundproofing. The building’s roof is planted with wildflower sedum.

Inside, the room is paneled in pale plywood, with a built-in desk and shelf system taking up one wall. A plate glass door, small window, and large skylight bring in ample natural light.

Via: Inhabitat