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23 dreamy A-frame cabins we love

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You may not own an A-frame, but you can dream

An architectural icon from 1950 to about 1975, the A-frame is one of the most beloved vacation homes of the past, a triangle-design built for lounging on outdoor decks and staring at nature. A-frames can come in any size, and in today’s Instagram-obsessed world, they’re experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

Maybe it’s because they perform as marketable Airbnbs or perhaps it’s because an A-frame’s peaked roof just begs to be photographed, but scroll through the pages of accounts like Cabin Porn on Tumblr or @cabinlove on Instagram and you’ll find plenty of A-frames to covet.

Throw in a few falling flakes and a cozy fire and you have a near perfect winter dream. We’ve rounded up 23 gorgeous photos of A-frames, from lakeside stunners to snowbound charmers. You may not own an A-frame, but you can dream.

A Christmas tree of windows:

‘Tis the season for good cheer:

Some A-frames are dog approved:

A winter wonderland in Vermont:

This gorgeous Tahoe A-frame is also a vacation rental:

All we want for the holidays might be a snowy A-frame in the forest:

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Or at least a vacation in this A-frame for rent in Dorchester, New Jersey:

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No matter the angle, an A-frame shines:

Even if the weather is a bit gloomy:

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This A-frame looks like it grew alongside the trees:

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We wouldn’t mind being snowed in here:

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A bright red trim pops in the forest:

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I spy with my little eye:

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This A-frame near Mt. Rainier in Washington is stocked and ready with firewood:

Built to withstand the snow:

Campfires mandatory:

Holiday lights add something special:

A classic double decker in the woods:

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This A-frame can handle the snow in Girdwood, Alaska:

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It’s not the size that counts:

A-frames are simply beautiful:


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And out:

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