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Exquisite modern farmhouse uses massive rolling shutters

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Bright white and beautiful

Exterior shot of simple two-story farmhouse-style home with narrow full-length windows and large shutters sitting on a large grassy site.
When closed, the shutters keep the interiors cool.
Photos by David Sundberg of Esto via Dezeen

This simple yet imposing take on a traditional farmhouse in Lakewood, Pennsylvania, recently won an AIA 2017 Housing Awards. Designed by Washington-based Cutler Anderson Architects, the 3,000-square-foot, four-bedroom family residence sits on a 283-acre rural site and leaves as minimal a footprint as possible, incorporating Pennsylvania bluestone and fieldstone in its foundation.

A low surface-area-to-volume ratio kept construction costs low, while its practical form functions to integrate itself into the landscape, reflecting the region’s traditional farmhouse architecture.

And yet, behind the white timber facade is a bright and airy interior characterized by double-height living spaces and dramatic glass expanses, particularly on the southern facade—which can be covered by way of massive rolling sunshades and screens. These shutters provide privacy when needed, but they also act as a passive solar-energy system. When closed on hot summer days, the inside temperature dropped by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, eliminating the need for air conditioning.

As for heating, a ground-source radiant heating system works in concert with a wood-fired boiler (fed with “deadfall” trees and branches around the property). The roof is even pre-wired for future solar-panel installations.

Via: Dezeen