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Tiny houses in 2017: More flexible, clever than ever

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Gypsy Mermaid

It’s the end of 2017, which means tiny houses are kind of old news. By that we mean, this has been another year of so many new micro homes on wheels (or not) in all shapes, sizes, styles, and settings—which also means that it now takes a lot to impress.

Still, the year was not without some truly wow-worthy designs. Below, we recap the best tiny residences we covered in 2017 (though we did love this tiny house library as well). Whether it’s through innovative layout and engineering, or next-level interiors and amenities, these selections suggest that the tiny living world is as creative as ever and, perhaps, the best is yet to come.

1. The tiny house with twin “pop-out” rooms

The Aurora from Canadian builder ZeroSquared is an expandable tiny house with two motorized pop-out rooms that create over 374 square feet of living and storage space. The slide-outs allow a wide living space at the center of the house, big enough for a Queen-size Murphy bed on one side and a sofa and flatscreen TV on the other. The kitchen and bathroom are at the two ends of the house. Intrigued? That’ll be $88,900, please.

2. The two-is-better-than-one tiny house

Craig Williams for Viva Collectiv

Setting aside the basic premise that tiny homes are supposed to be tiny, the Ohana from Viva Collectiv is rather ingenious, combining two tiny homes and an open-air sunroom into one impressive compact family home. One wing holds the kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom, while the other contains the living room and lofted bedroom for the kids. An honorable mention with a similar ethos is this clever tiny house with a second trailer for a porch and greenhouse.

3. The tiny house that’s kind of like a double-decker bus

Major tiny house builder Escape released a go-big-or-go-home model this year in the One XL, which features trendy Shou Sugi Ban charred siding, a large picture window, option for French doors, and nearly 400 square feet of living space. It can sleep up to eight with two lofts and a spacious common area. Introductory pricing starts at $69,800.

4. The airy modern stunner

Readers absolutely loved the new Roadhaus design from turn-key cabin builder Wheelhaus. Available in sizes of between 160 to 240 square feet, the modern-meets-industrial Roadhouse has tons of glazing, a kitchenette, and chrome-tiled bathroom. It starts at $76,000 and can be used as a main residence, guesthouse, or backyard office.

5. The DIY transformer

elevator bed in tiny house Ana White

A motorized drop-down bed? Yup, self-taught carpenter Ana White and her husband, Jacob, did just that for this 24-foot-long tiny house. In addition to the $500 DIY retractable bed, the sectional sofa can also be rearranged into a guest bed, while modular storage cubes can serve as portable steps.

6. The tiny house that redefines “luxury”

Following up on the jaw-dropping Alpha tiny house, the Escher from New Frontier Tiny Homes is bigger, pricier, and just as if not more luxurious. The 300-square-foot design, which sports sleek, industrial vibes, has one cantilevered master bedroom tucked behind doors in the kitchen area and a second loft above the bathroom. You’ve got to take a look at all the photos, because this house is bout details, details, details.

7. The Craftsman Charmer

Everything you loved about Craftsman homes is channeled in small-scale in this design from Handcrafted Movement. The 290-square-foot model features deep blue wall paneling, herringbone floors, a curved oak butcher block countertop, geometric open shelving, farmhouse sink, and a loft under a skylight.

8. The tiny house with a pizza oven

This “European-inspired” tiny house built by Florida couple Roberta and Rebekah Sofia is full of charming touches, from custom reclaimed windows to, yes, a pizza oven fireplace. Arched beams, a tree branch handrail, and a little chandelier over the dining area are all details you don’t see in the average tiny home.

9. The “Earth and Sky Palace”

We gotta give it to this “Earth and Sky Palace” for totally owning its aesthetic. The home, clocking in at just under 200 square feet, offers a master bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bath with walk-in shower. The interior also has a surround sound theater system, smartphone-controlled A/C, and “replica embossed alligator-skin wallpaper.”

10. The tiny house that offers climbing on the go

Custom designed by Tiny Heirloom, this 28-foot-long tiny house features an entire facade covered in commercial-grade reconfigurable climbing panels,. Inside, the home has a garage-style door opening, a built-in seating area, lofted office/lounge, and a kitchen with full-sized appliances, and bright blue cabinets.