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Eichler home renovated, expanded to cozy effect

An artful revamp of a midcentury home by the iconic developer

Eichler home renovated, expanded Photos by Mariko Reed via Dezeen

San Francisco’s Klopf Architecture is known for its midcentury modern-inspired residences and on-point renovations of homes built by legendary post-war developer Joseph Eichler, including this impressive project in San Mateo Highlands. Owned by an Eichler-loving couple and their two young kids, the home’s original mahogany paneling was mostly preserved and re-stained to bring out its warmth.

Mariko Reed via Dezeen

A few damaged panels were replaced with matching counterparts. The bathrooms, storage areas, and foyer were all expanded, and a new in-floor radiant heating system was installed to replace a leaking one.

Mariko Reed via Dezeen

The lot is slightly awkward and wedge-shaped, but Klopf was able to create an addition to one side of the house for an office and guest room, expanding the square footage from 1,880-square-foot to 2,285 square feet. The new space got some Eichler flair in the form of wood ceiling beams and bronze door frames. Large single-pane glass windows help to visually integrate the new addition with the side yard.

Mariko Reed via Dezeen

Outside, the home’s original plywood paneling was painted with a fresh coat of grey-blue paint. The architects worked with Outer Space Landscape Architects to create a new barbecue area and a place for seating around a fire pit. Drought-tolerant plants were also added.

Mariko Reed via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen