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Go-anywhere outhouse hitches to the back of your camper

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Never pee in the woods again

The Bath2Go allows you to bring a bathroom with you when you camp.
All photos courtesy of Bath2Go

There are two types of people in the RV and camper world: Those who want to camp with a bathroom and those who don’t mind nature’s lavatory. Usually this means that unless you can score a good deal on a fully outfitted RV, you’re going to have to go without a full-size toilet when you camp.

Not so with the German-made Bath2Go. Like its name implies, Bath2Go is a 265-pound traveling outhouse that sits on the bumper of your vehicle and features a toilet, folding sink, and shower. It fits on campers like the VW bus, Ford Transit, or Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. While traveling, the unit measures about 6.5 feet high, but once you’re at camp you can flip up the roof to increase the headroom inside.

A 15 liter toilet tank, fresh water tank, 12 volt pump, and gas water heater means that you can camp with a flushing toilet and a hot shower. The bathroom also comes with with a decent-sized mirror, hooks, and an LED light.

When you don’t want to take the Bath2Go with you on a trip, it takes 5 minutes or so to take the box off of your vehicle. The Comfort model costs about $8,300 and includes the carrier that supports the bathroom on the vehicle. A more basic model—think a simple solar shower instead of the hot water heater—costs about $7,100.

For some, the Bath2Go will be a ridiculous and unnecessary amenity. But for others, it could open up new possibilities for camping farther, for longer.

Via: New Atlas