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Portuguese ‘Pink House’ is available to rent for your next getaway

The former stable is located in the Azores of Portugal

Simple gabled structure with pink exterior walls and a low stone containing wall.
Pink House was reimagined by Mezzo Atelier into a holiday home.
Photos via The Spaces

As we head into the long weekend, here’s a pretty-in-pink house in Portugal that’s available to rent for your next getaway. Designed by Italian and Portuguese practice Mezzo Atelier, Pink House, as it’s aptly called, is located on the island of São Miguel, in the Azores and was converted from an old stable building.

The large gabled structure is now two guesthouses by way of a new volume, with large window openings made in the smooth, pink-painted facade. That coloring contrasts nicely with the a low stone wall that encloses the property and repeats on a portion of the lower facade.

The interiors of the two-story dwelling are vaulted and bright, with exposed ceiling beams on the second floor, which holds an ochre kitchen, dining space, living area, and a terrace. The floors here are a light wood, while the lower level, which contain private suites, are polished concrete. Reimagined Azorean vernacular architecture fills the home, furthering its connection to the past.

Rounding out the property are several outdoor entertaining opportunities, including a sunken fire pit. The holiday home is available to rent starting at €200 (approximately $237) a night through Boutique Homes.

Via: The Spaces