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Prefab cultural center comes with tiny detachable ‘Tricycle Houses’

The whole structure was built in just three months

elaborate prefab cultural center People's Architecture Office

Beijing-based People’s Architecture Office (PAO) loves to add “plug-ins” to existing buildings—prefab extensions that introduces new rooms and functions with minimal construction. Now, they’ve extended their plug-in aesthetic to an entirely new kind of building.

Conceived and built in just three months, the People’s Station in Yantai, China, is an elaborate, experimental structure made using PAO’s proprietary prefab system. Enormous triangular clerestory windows bring ample light into the space, which contains a large events hall on the ground floor, and a lounge, bookstore, and cinema on the second and third floors.

The building looks both modern and whimsical, with lots of large triangular truss work, unexpected angles, and shiny metal cladding. The ground floor also has expansion plug-ins—structures that can extend the space of the building by folding out like an accordion, as well as a set of “Tricycle Houses” that can fully detach from the main space and get biked around the city to host activities.

Via: ArchDaily