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‘Windswept’ cabins rise in Montreal public park


leaning cabins in Montreal Photo by Normand Rajotte/Atelier Urban Face

Anyone who’s spent winter in Montreal knows how cold and powerful the winter wind can be. It was this formidable force that inspired local firm Atelier Urban Face to craft a trio of cabins that appear to have been tilted by a particularly chilling gust.

Fany Ducharme/Atelier Urban Face

Installed near Mount Royal Park’s Beaver Lake, the three steel-framed buildings lean dramatically as if it is the “wind that blows and generates the desired articulation.”

The first kiosk, tilted at 10 degrees, contains a classroom space that can hold 30 people for instruction in winter and summer. The middle cabin, angled at 20 degrees, conceals service equipment as well as a first aid station. The third cabin leans in at 30 degrees and functions as both a ticket office and storage area. Together, the structures make a sort of miniature village.

Fany Ducharme/Atelier Urban Face

The exterior of each kiosk is clad in dark zinc panels with diagonal indentations that enhance the structures’ appearance of imbalance. The short ends of the buildings are fully windowed. Inside, the structures are lined with natural ash boards, cut and placed at the same angle as the building’s tilt.

Fany Ducharme/Atelier Urban Face

“The buildings become actors in the poetry of the place,” reads the architects’ description. “The spirit of the clearing is experienced through the perspective and rocking of the wind.”

Fany Ducharme/Atelier Urban Face

Via: Inhabitat