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New modular shipping container home is also energy-efficient

Another entrant into the prefab, modular market

Shipping container home clad in timber with large sliding glass doors sits on grassy lawn with outdoor furniture placed in front of the home.
The modular home can be expanded and added onto like Lego blocks.
Photos via DesignBoom

Athens-based company Cocoon Modules has unveiled a new container home prototype in collaboration with Greek natural mattress brand Coco-Mat.

By upcycling shipping containers and transforming them into modular homes, hotel developments, and emergency housing, to name a few uses, Cocoon Modules claims that it is able to create dwellings that are 15% cheaper than prefab construction and 30% cheaper than traditional construction in Greece.

The prototype was built on Coco-Mat’s headquarters in Kifissia, a suburb of Athens, and is open to the public. It features timber siding on three sides, with large sliding glass doors that open up the bright main living space and kitchen to the outdoors. A small bathroom is found on one end, while a sleeping nook with built-in storage occupies the other. Here, a glass wall and door are protected by the shipping container’s industrial doors. A living roof tops it off.

The furniture is built with sustainable materials, and the home itself is energy-efficient and boasts a “smart” low-technology system for everyday functions. The mattress, cushions, and seating are Coco-Mat’s designs. And thanks to its modularity, each unit can be expanded and added onto, like Lego blocks. Have a look.

Via: DesignBoom