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Fancy Japanese cat tree will cost you $9,000

Neko Modern Cat Tree is for the feline that has everything

A column-like cat tree surrounded by wooden dowels in a bright gallery-like room.
The modern cat tree was designed by Rinn and Yoh Komiyama.
Photos via Neko Modern Cat Tree

For the owner—and the cat—who has everything is this architectural cat tree that looks more like a sculpture than a piece of pet furniture. And although fancy objets for felines (and their canine counterparts) are nothing new, there’s something about this one that feels purticularly special.

Designed by Tokyo-based “cat lifestyle brand” Rinn in collaboration with product designer Yoh Komiyama, Neko Modern Cat Tree, as it’s called, features a column-like construction anchored by a marble base (sourced from Greece), which also helps the cat regulate its body temperature.

A series of natural-wood dowels spaced evenly apart encloses three circular levels—each of which includes a felted section—forming a protective screen for the animal while also allowing the creature to be glimpsed. The top of the column appears sliced on a bias, adding to the architectural sensibility of the tree.

One of the sides even opens up like a door, while the pole that holds up the structure acts as a scratching posts as well. Practical yet design-minded, Neko is available for purchase for 1 million Japanese yen, or approximately $8,800.

Via: DesignBoom