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Tiny mobile sauna was built for just $4K

Denizen Works built the DW Sauna in Åland, Finland.

Black wood-clad structure on wooden platform with glass door and small windows sitting on grassy spot.
The sauna measures just six square meters, or approximately 65 square feet.
Photos via Designboom

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, but in the case of this mobile sauna, it was restrictions that led to the small structure’s birth upon the shores of Åland, Finland.

Designed by London-based studio Denizen Works, the DW Sauna was built after the client’s unsuccessful bid to obtain permits to build a sauna in the home. Instead, the studio and the client decided to built a tiny mobile sauna on runners that could be brought right up to the frozen shores of the Finnish island. This proximity would allow the client to take a plunge then seek warmth inside the wood-framed steam room.

Speaking of materials, the six-square-meter—that’s approximately 65 square feet—building was constructed using local materials that the client purchased many years prior when first applying for permits. In total, the budget for DW Sauna was a manageable 3,000 pounds, or approximately $4,000.

And while the project was completed back in 2011, it’s still surprisingly on-trend. Have a look.

Via: Designboom