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Prefab barrel-vaulted roof extension is a Parisian dream come true

The structure was built in a factory and assembled on site in just 15 days

Prefab barrel-vaulted roof extension in Paris Photos by Matthieu Deluc via Dezeen

Ask (the right architects) and you shall receive—at least, that was the experience of French photographer Matthieu Deluc when he sought a low-budget rooftop extension to his apartment at the nexus of four Parisian districts. Post-Office Architectes answered the call with a prefab barrel-vaulted structure that serves as Deluc’s photography studio and living room.

The timber-lined extension forms a single arc aligned with the building’s rectangular layout. Its two vertical walls are primarily made of glass, and overlook the Boulevard de La Villette on one side and the Eiffel Tower on the other.

The vault is composed of three layers of pre-fabricated sections, including the main support structure, insulated wooden panels visible from within the room, and an exterior cladding of corrugated metal. The structure was built in a factory and reassembled on site in just 15 days.

“Building the city on top of itself is a difficult endeavor in historical Paris. The design started in 2012, and despite the relatively small scale, it took about 5 years to complete," said Post Office Architectes co-founder Line Fontana in an interview with Dezeen.

Via: Dezeen