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This tiny camper trailer is pulled by a bike

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It sleeps two nomadic cyclists inside

The Bicycle Camper from Denmark-based Wide Path Campers.
All photos courtesy of Wide Path Campers

There is no shortage of camper trailers available for sale, from pricey aluminum one-bedrooms to pop-ups prepped to sleep a family of four. But what about if you want to go small? So small you don’t even need a car?

Denmark-based Wide Path Campers makes a tiny mobile house that can be pulled by a bicycle. Weighing about 88 pounds, the camper is built with a hard UV resistant lightweight shell, semi-insulating foam, and clear shatter-free polycarbonate windows. When in transport mode, the trailer features two wheels and is just under five feet long.

Now, 88 pounds is a fair amount of weight to pull—especially on hills or in windy conditions—but bikers in good shape would be able to do it. It’s not much different than pulling two kids in a bike trailer or on a cargo bike. Another option would be to pair the Bicycle Camper with an e-bike or something like the Copenhagen Wheel, both of which would significantly improve how fast and far you could go pulling the camper.

Once you arrive at camp, the back of the camper folds over the front to reveal a larger, nine-foot-long living space. Inside, the camper offers about four and a half feet of head space, enough to sit up comfortably. There’s a sitting area with a table that can squeeze four people and the dining area transforms into a two-person bed that measures about three feet by six and a half feet (that might be a bit small for couples who like their space).

The stand-alone bicycle camper costs $4,290, with optional add-ons like solar power, window tinting, and an outdoor table that attaches to the side of the trailer. U.S. models are available to ship, now.