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Marie Kondo’s decluttering TV show is coming to Netflix

Who’s ready for decluttering makeovers?

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It’s been a few years since Marie Kondo and her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, went mainstream and changed the world forever—teaching us to embrace “decluttering” and banish anything that doesn’t “spark joy,” in what is collectively referred to as the KonMari Method.

If you thought KonMari’s reign in popular culture is waning (never mind that some New York apartment buildings have started advertising KonMari-trained consultants as amenities), well think again: Marie Kondo is doing a TV show.

In an Instagram post from December 2017, the Japanese cleaning consultant teased that she’s working on a show for “a global TV platform,” in which she’ll be “working with people to transform their home & spark a personal transformation.” The post also announced a casting call for folks—specifically those living in the LA area—interested in this brand of transformation.

Now, in a “Valentine’s Day surprise” announcement, Kondo revealed that her show will be coming to Netflix (presumably the “global TV platform” in her previous post). The reality series will have eight episodes in its first season. The title and release date have not been announced yet, so stay tuned.

As Apartment Therapy pointed out, this isn’t the first KonMari-focused TV concept. There was a two-part special featuring Kondo and Brooklyn homeowners produced by Japanese broadcaster NHK World TV in 2016. A KonMari-inspired comedy series from NBC also made headlines a few years ago but so far has had no further updates.

A decluttering makeover show is presumably more compelling than a decluttering sitcom, but will it be as utterly satisfying as, say, Fixer Upper? We’ll have to wait and see.