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An old sugar mill is transformed into a dramatic concrete hotel

It’s located in the mountainous region of Yangshuo County in South Central China

Pointy green mountain rises behind low concrete structure with gabled roof and perforated screen.
Alila Yangshuo hotel was built on the site of a 1960s sugar mill in China.
Photos via Dezeen

Beijing-based practice Vector Architects has created another enchanting property, this time by converting an old sugar mill into a dramatic hotel resort in the mountainous region of Yangshuo County in South Central China.

Comprising a series of new and repurposed buildings, the Alila Yangshuo hotel incorporates the surrounding landscape by way of open spaces and water features like a pool and a large reflecting pond that act as a continuation of its site.

The mill was built in the 1960s and features several brick buildings, which now house the hotel’s common areas like reception, cafe, bar, a multipurpose hall, gallery, and library. These are arranged the aforementioned pond and a sunken plaza.

For the new build, where most of the resort’s accommodations are housed, Vector aimed to keep it in line with the mill’s original aesthetic and construction methods, thereby creating massive concrete blocks with simple gabled roofs and a “board-marked” facade with a screen of perforations.

The resort’s outdoor program was designed to allow guests to wander around the landscaped grounds and enjoy natural views that are framed by both the old and new structures. The swimming pool, for example, was built into the mill’s former loading dock, which juts out into the nearby Li River, while “open-air lobbies” formed by circulation areas are intended to evoke caves.

Taken together, Alila Yangshuo is a special place. Take a look. To learn more, head to Dezeen.

Via: Dezeen