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Green-roofed modern hut is perfect for hiding away

Don’t worry, the big windows—and views—are on the other side

Green-roofed modern hut Photos by Kjetil Nordø via ArchDaily

Overlooking Norway’s picturesque Granasjøen lake, this simple and sweet summer retreat designed by Bergersen Arkitekter AS and inspired by traditional local lean-tos effortlessly balances the rustic with the modern.

Serving as a secluded shelter, grilling station, and sanctuary, the small building has clean lines emphasized by vertical stained wood cladding and an angled shed roof topped with turf. The grass not only helps the structure fit in with the surrounding rugged landscape but also helps to insulate it from the harsh winter cold.

Large folding glass panels offer access to the interior while opening it up to the scenery beyond. The concrete chimney core forms a focal point for the fire at the intersection of two glass walls. The floor appears to be stone and wide natural-colored wood planks. A built-in bench offers ample seating.

The structure’s odd angles sort of function as a visual funnel directing the visitor’s attention outward toward the windows and the landscape beyond.

Via: Inhabitat, ArchDaily