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‘70s house gets groovy makeover in Mexico

We’re moving in!

Architect Juan Pablo Ochoa revamped this 1970s house in Guadalajara, Mexico. The two-bedroom dwelling is one of eight similar houses in a residential enclave.
Via Designboom

We love a gloriously spacious renovation as much as the next home-obsessed person, but there is something to be said for the more modest revamp. Case in point: This 120-square-meter (that’s just shy of 1,300 square feet) home in Guadalajara, Mexico, revived by local architect Juan Pablo Ochoa.

In a residential complex in the city’s Americana neighborhood, Ochoa turned the two-bedroom house—with its compact outdoor space and laundry area—into an updated family home, reusing original finishes and fittings (like the existing steel framing and decorative tile), alongside a new custom kitchen and storage throughout the house.

Whitewashed interiors help make the whole thing look a bit roomier than its compact open floorplan would seem, and pops up yellow (for window and door frames) and subtle, patterned flooring in several spaces (like the hallway from the living area to the patio or in the bathroom) help give things some zest, too.

Via: Designboom