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Hem, online furniture retailer, debuts new pieces at Stockholm Design Week

Fun twists on familiar forms

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table and chairs from Hem
The new Udon chairs in pink

Stockholm Design Week returns next week and Hem, one of our go-to shops for mid-range furniture, is showing up in a big way. The Stockholm-based purveyor of furniture and decor straight from designers is launching five new pieces and a new showroom open to the public.

Like well-known items in Hem’s existing catalog—among them modular pendant lamps by Italian designer Luca Nichetto and stackable stools by British designer Max Lamb—the new collection for 2017 involves more twists on familiar forms. Highlights include Swedish designer Staffan Holm’s Udon Chair, a solid-wood Beech chair inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian wood-working, and German designer Karoline Fesser’s All Wood Stool, a solid-wood piece that comes in a funky “Rocket” or streamlined “Bobbin” style.

Some of these new designs can actually be spotted in action in Hem founder/CEO Petrus Palmér’s Stockholm residence, which was recently revamped by Swedish studio Förstberg Ling (the same one behind the new Hem showroom.) A closer look at the new collection, below.

Udon Chair by Staffan Holm, 299€ (~$322)
All Wood Stool by Karoline Fesser, starting at 199€ (~$214)
Log Table by Julien Renault (available in two sizes), starting at 899€ (~$968)
Zig Zag Shelf by Studio deFORM (flatpack, available in two sizes), starting at 499€ (~$537)
Table Mortar by Mark Braun (made from five different European marbles), 119€ (~$128)
The new Hem showroom is located in Stockholm’s Vasa park.

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