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OTHR introduces a minimalist 3D-printed fruit bowl

Ceci n’est pas un fruit bowl. Or is it?

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A series of simple elongated loops made of 3D-printed black porcelain arranged in a grid, with a white one with a single apple on top of it.
Ceci n’est pas un fruit bowl.
Photos courtesy of OTHR

This fruit bowl by design collective OTHR is not a bowl, exactly, but an abstract take on one. Called Loup, it is, in fact, an elongated loop of 3D-printed porcelain designed by Bangalore, India-based designer Saif Faisal. Available in white or black, the pared-down object only expresses its purpose when in use—when a piece of fruit is placed on top of it.

Otherwise, the bowl is simply a shape whose function the user is free to discern. It could be hung on a wall, or used as a paperweight, or placed on a mantle to be admired for its pure form.

As a container of round objects, however, Loup excels. Use it a chic holder of tennis balls, or place your in-wait eggs in there so they don’t roll off the counter.

Faisal graduated from RV School of Architecture in 2010 and focuses on quality and longevity in his work, imbuing his designs with “humor and seriousness,” qualities that are at play in Loup.

Available exclusively through OTHR, Loup costs $65 and will be produced and numbered upon order. It measures 8.75 x 0.63 x 2.25 inches.