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Virtually untouched midcentury overlooking the San Diego Bay will ask $2.5M

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That view and location don’t come cheap

Interior shot of living room with vaulted and beamed ceilings, brick fireplace, tan carpeting, period furniture, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the bay.
Untouched and a little bit eerie, this San Diego home is to come on the market soon.
Photos via Zillow

Lit like a Philip-Lorca diCorcia photograph, these listing photos for a 1952-built home in San Diego enhance its frozen-in-time quality and imbue it with an eeriness that’s nonetheless bewitching.

Details are slim, but the seemingly untouched-for-years abode features three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a stained-glass entrance, large open-plan living and dining room with incredible water views, soaring beamed ceilings, and a fireplace, a white time-capsule kitchen replete with floral decals, a yellow-themed sitting room with metallic wallpaper, a swimming pool, and more midcentury marvels, all on over 3,000 square feet.

Clad in dark wood, the multi-level residence perches on a hill overlooking the San Diego Bay and boasts two balconies as well as a brick-laid path leading from the house to the lagoon-like pool. Located at 439 La Crescentia Drive, it’s coming on the market soon and will seek $2,490,000. That view—and location—don’t come cheap. Take a tour, below.

Via: Zillow

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