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Uber and Zipcar join forces for car-sharing deal

The partnership will start with 20 Zipcars in Boston

A shared, rent-by-the-hour vehicle in the Zipcar fleet

The U.S. could reach “peak car” in the next three years, and Uber is ready to pave the way forward not only for passengers, but drivers, too. The ride-sharing behemoth has just teamed up with car-sharing company Zipcar in an arrangement where Uber drivers can use Zipcar vehicles to transport paying passengers. To be clear: Soon, even Uber drivers won’t have to own cars.

The initial partnership deal is limited to just 20 cars in Boston, but there’s the potential to one day expand nation-wide. To use one of the Zipcars, Uber drivers will pay $12 an hour in addition to a $7/month membership fee.

“As the automotive landscape evolves, technology is playing an ever-increasing role in transportation services, and we are well-positioned to meet new and evolving customer needs and demands, as evidenced by this new partnership,” Andrew Kupiec, a VP at Zipcar’s parent company, Avis Budget, said in a statement.

Via: USA Today