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This modular furniture works for humans—and cats

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The ol’ cat scratching post gets a design makeover

The Katris modular climbing tree in action.
All photos courtesy of Katris

If you and your cat are fighting over space in your tiny urban apartment, perhaps you need to invest in Katris: a modular cat tree furniture system that aims to appease both owners and pets.

Unlike the sterotypical—and awful looking—scratching tree, Katris is made up of a bunch of blocks that look more like sleek IKEA shelves than pet decor. Built from over 200 sheets of recyclable, non-toxic, heavy-duty paper, each block can withstand 300 pounds and is 100 percent recyclable.

They also come in an array of shapes and colors—the modular blocks can be integrated with existing furniture and fit together like a giant game of Tetris. Mount the blocks on the wall or create ever-changing free-standing structures, Katris can even be used as a coffee table.

The 5-block modular cat tree currently costs $199.95, has received favorable reviews, and is available on Amazon.