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Opulent French maison with all the antiques asks $5M—in Texas

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The Kirbyville estate once baffled locals, who thought it was home to some sort of cult

Shot of front of an opulent French-style chateau with brick facade and French doors and a large fountain in front of with a statue of a cherub on top of a fish.
“La Maison Demille Bienvenues” was designed in 1983 by renowned architect Lucian T. Hood.
Photos via Estately and Sotheby’s

Texas is known for McMansions and, yes, French chateaus, not all of them of the tasteful variety. But this one deserves mention for its hardcore commitment to élégance française, beginning with its name: La Maison Demille Bienvenues.

Located in Kirbyville, just 30 minutes north of Beaumont, and built in 1983, the 4,677-square-foot, six-bedroom estate occupies 33 acres. It was a source of mystery to locals, who thought it was home to some sort of cult—until now.

It’s already a hit, even after just two days on the market, according to Estately, and it’s no surprise why. In addition to the main residence, which was designed by architect Lucian T. Hood, the property includes an orangerie, pied-à-terre, sunken garden, welding barn, six-car garage and workshop, “artisan” well, and a private lake replete with a footbridge.

Opulently decorated but surprisingly sensible, the maison boasts gorgeous wallpaper, vaulted and beamed ceilings, wood-paneled walls, ornate woodwork, marble tiling, parquet floors, and all the French doors one could ever want. There are stained-glass details and flowers abloom, as well as statues of animals and cherubs—and fountains, too. The transportive nature of the home is enhanced by antique furnishings and light fixtures, which the buyer has the option of purchasing.

The maison, sited at 341 Country Road, is available for $5,000,000—or $7,000,000 furnished. For a little piece of France in Texas, that’s pas mal, as the French would say.

Via: Estately