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At London's Barbican Estate, midcentury apartment gets sleek revamp

Local firm Azman Architects handled the refresh

This renovated flat in London’s 1950s Barbican Estate includes cherrywood partitions and a multicolor, chevron-striped carpet.
Photos by Ben Blossom via Dezeen

Units in London’s circa-1950s, Brutalist Barbican Estate complex have been getting refreshes left and right—and we’re very much enjoying the peek inside.

The latest in this wave of revamps? A one-bedroom apartment given a dapper renovation by local firm Azman Architects, recently seen on Dezeen. The intervention is subtle, but packs a punch: The most visible move made by the design team are cherrywood sliding-door partitions between the dining and living rooms, making a small room for guests.

Those sleek sliding doors aren’t the only point of visual interest: The apartment also now includes new lighting fixtures, and an overhauled bathroom. For underfoot, Azman Architects commissioned British company Crucial Trading to design a Missoni-like, chevron-striped multicolor carpet for several spaces. Other custom touches include a new kitchen and a special-made bed and tables in the main bedroom.

Get a closer look over at Dezeen.