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Steel-and-glass pavilion offers meditative refuge outside Madrid


In much of the U.S., it’s alternately been wet, gray, and frigid. Who doesn’t want to escape to a meditation cabin in warmer, sunnier climes?

Located just outside Madrid in Las Rozas, Spain, this 70-square-meter (753-square-foot), two-story structure, called the Hidden Pavilion, is the work of Spanish firm Penelas Architects. The pavilion—which sits on a thickly wooded site—also has some serious architectural heft, with an angular, weathered-steel frame, glass facades, and cherrywood interiors.

Inside, a spiral staircase connects the pavilion’s two levels, which make way for an open-plan living room and kitchen, as well as sleeping quarters, a private second-level terrace, and a rooftop deck. Take a closer look over at Designboom.