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Get free coloring books from major libraries and museums

Including big names like the Smithsonian and the Met

coloring pages Images via Smithsonian Libraries

Clear your calendars: Three of our favorite things—libraries, museums, and coloring books—have been combined into one ultimate night-in activity. Indeed, in case you missed it, last week saw another rendition of #ColorOurCollections, a social media campaign organized by The New York Academy of Medicine Library. As the hashtag suggests, the celebration invites folks to color in printable pages based on the works held in various libraries and special collections in the U.S. and abroad.

The image above, for example, are two sample pages from the Smithsonian Libraries. Other participating institutions include the New York Public Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bodleian Library at Oxford University, National Library of Medicine, University of Calgary, and Williams College. See a few more examples below and get coloring!

Mountain Rat's Nest, 1884
University of Calgary
Moderne Baufermen
Europeana Collections

Via: Open Culture